EJOLT is a global research project bringing science and society together to catalogue and analyze ecological distribution conflicts and confront environmental injustice.

One of the primary objectives of EJOLT is to compile and make available an Atlas of Environmental Justice. The Atlas of Environmental Justice is a practical and intuitive online platform that allows searching and filtering across 100 fields, as well as browsing by commodity, company, and type of conflict. With one click you get, for example, a global map with just the world’s nuclear, waste or water conflicts – depending on your interest. In one click you find the 22 place where people have some issue with Shell or the 97 places where gold leads to some sort of conflict. Click on any point and you’ll get everything from actors and a description to mobilization, outcome and sources. Any map you create using the search and filter can be embedded on your webpage or shared with friends on facebook. In the last 3 years, the massive database behind the map has been carefully crafted by a team of over 100 scientists and activists all over the world. It promises to become a reference for scientists, journalists, teachers and activists alike.

It will allow increased understanding of what the determinants of conflicts are and how material demands and policies create potential hot spots for future conflicts. Our goal is to make visible the voices fighting for environmental justice and to bring attention to threatened communities that are often rendered powerless by institutions and ignored by the media. Try out the functions of the Atlas in the frame below or go straight to the dedicated website for the Atlas.



par exemple le cas chevron:

Cette carte présente plus de 30 conflits environnementaux des 5 continents qui montrent comment les multinationales telles que Chevron violent les droits humains et environnementaux ainsi que les résistances de peuples dans le monde.
Voir aussi: http://www.cetim.ch/ et http://www.ejolt.org/2016/05/chevrons-atrocities-mapped/
UDAPT- Union des victimes de Texaco (maintenant Chevron) – email: casotexaco@gmail.com